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3750 470th Street Orange City IA United States 51041

Photo credit (visit video, field photo, tulips, portrait): Jesse Mars Photography
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U - Pick

Hours / Pricing / Info

We're open every Tuesday and Friday from 10-5 and Saturday 10-3.  

Prices are $10 for 14 stems, and $20 for 28.  You can also purchase flowers for $1 a stem.  Prices do not include sales tax.  Vases available for an additional charge.  Cash, check, or debit/credit cards accepted.   

New for 2019: For those who would like flowers, but would prefer not to pick, we have pre-made bouquets available in our cooler during our u-pick hours.  An arrangement fee will be added to our u-pick pricing for pre-made bouquets.  

Call ahead or special orders welcome any day of the week. Contact us via email, Facebook Messenger, or by calling (712) 577-2710.